"The starting point of all achievement is desire." – Napoleon Hill

The words of Napoleon Hill ring true for anyone who wishes to change their lives for the better. To achieve a higher level of life satisfaction and happiness, you first need the vision, the desire, to set yourself on that path. Without it, your hope for achievement is only wishful thinking.

To help you reach your optimum potential, Creator Academy offers a life-changing course called PSC. PSC is a 2-day workshop course that runs from morning to night. While Creator Academy’s courses usually include training, the workshop of PSC entails more participation and involvement. This prepares you for the changes you need to make in your life and creates the level of self-awareness necessary to make these changes. As is the motto of Creator Academy – change your habit, change your lifestyle.

PSC is your first step to achieving personal success and perfection, and is based on the astute philosophical teachings of Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill was a great American author, who was, and still is, well-known for his vast literature on personal development and self-improvement. His works examined the power of belief, faith and persistence, and the role they play in achieving personal success. He created a formula and designed principles that once fully implemented will put success within reach of the average person.

PSC is not open to all prospective students. To qualify as a student for this course, you need to pass two tests. You will first take a test to assess your suitability for the course, followed by an interview if you pass the test.

Anyone can propel to great heights if they possess the desire, faith and determination to truly empower themselves in every aspect of their lives. Learn the incredible philosophy upon which success is built. Change your habit, change your lifestyle!